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The 2017 Search and Rescue Conference will be held at The Star Hotel Gold Coast next week on the 24th May. The conference follows the Australian and New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference, running consecutively at the same venue.

Mr Steve Campbell, Chairperson at Youth Search and Rescue joins us to discuss ‘Technology and Operations/Emergency Management: Youth Search and Rescue early adopters of innovative technology in Search and Rescue and Emergency Management’.

YSAR (Youth Search and Rescue) in the Bay of Plenty NZ is a magnet for some of the regions brightest young minds, many of whom are outstanding secondary school students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  At ages spanning between 14 to 19, all are Generation Y, a generation also known as digital natives.

Steve Campbell

This YSAR Gen Y cohort provides a hotbed of research opportunity for SAR technology companies – and many have quickly aligned themselves with the organisation by way of formal partnerships.

YSAR Chair Steve Campbell says the relationships he forged with companies like Eagle Technology Group Ltd and Productiv are definitely win/win arrangements.  His students are unfazed by new technologies, excited by digitised and leading-edge ideas, and happy to incorporate digital intensive training tools into their practicums.  After all, they know no different.

In return, sponsoring companies can observe their newly or soon-to-be deployed tools and techniques in use, thereby capturing valuable practical modelling data and user feedback and insights.

As examples, since 2015, YSAR has been at the forefront of testing command and control development in the field using Eagle Technology’s StOIC (Support to Operation & Intelligence Capability) and it’s been an early adopter of Story Maps by ESRI for the improvement of situational awareness of a search area before and during a Search and Rescue Operation to assist access and field deployments of assets.

Partnering young SAR digital natives with R&D technology specialists has proven to be a jackpot for both parties.

For more information on the 2017 Search and Rescue Conference and to secure your spot next week, visit www.sar.anzdmc.com.au.

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