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Medical Rescue will be covered at the Australian and New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference being held at the Gold Coast. Search and Rescue helicopters recue and aeromedical retrieval services require well trained rear crew with both SAR and medical skills, experience and qualifications. Medical conditions may result in the need for rescue, or will result from exposure to the environment while awaiting rescue.

Please visit the Conference website for more information http://sar.anzdmc.com.au

The Australian and New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference will cover air search and rescue by helicopter or aeromedical retrieval services. Attendees will include individuals and organisations from  the aviation, emergency and disaster response, search and rescue operations, hoisting, sea safety and survival techniques and aeromedical retrieval areas.

There will be research and practical presentations on range of areas that may interest you including work safety in the aviation environment, hoisting, mission planning, survivor management, load management, security procedures and managing emergency situations in a helicopter.

Share your skills, knowledge and experience at SAR Conference please visit the website for more information http://sar.anzdmc.com.au

  •  Helicopter Safety and Situational Awareness
  • Pre Flight Preparation and Post Flight Actions
  • Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Equipment –
  • Emergency Procedures and Drills – includes brace positions, equipment failures, personal response, managing passengers, working with other crewmembers during an emergency, cockpit/cabin management and dealing with critical and non critical emergency situations in the helicopter.
  • Helicopter Underwater Escape and Survival – includes immediate emergency actions, impact survival skills, orientation, movement and escape drills, primary and secondary exits and passenger assistance drills.
  • Use of Life Saving Equipment – includes skills and knowledge for survival after escape from a ditched helicopter including use and management of life jackets and life rafts, emergency signaling devices, Search and Rescue considerations, post incident survival considerations.
  • Aviation Security Procedures – includes procedures for aviation base and helicopter security.
  • Helicopter Landing and Unprepared Landing Site Operations– includes procedures for landing using both prepared and unprepared helicopter landing sites.
  • Wiremen Duties – includes down the wire procedures to follow in rescue and retrieval situations. It also includes dealing with emergency situations and equipment malfunctions.
  • Managing Helicopter Loads – includes planning, loading and unloading a load on a helicopter.
  • Hoisting and Extraction Procedures – includes hoisting and extraction activities in various situations and locations. It also includes dealing with emergency situations and equipment malfunctions.
  • First Aid and Resuscitation – includes current first aid skills for a range of situations, advanced resuscitation techniques, survival skills including prevention and treatment of hypothermia, hydration and dehydration considerations and general survivor management.
  • Search and Rescue Crew designed for those people involved in SAR operations.
  • Medical Rescue Crew designed for those people involved in aeromedical retrieval operations.

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