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Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) is a specialist resource that assists victims who have been trapped or affected by a structural collapse.

Urban search and rescue locate, provide medical assistance to and remove victims who have been trapped or affected by a structural collapse.

There are a variety of emergencies/disasters that may cause a structural collapse including: earthquakes; cyclones; floods; explosions; fire; impact; and terrorist attacks A USAR Task force is a team of trained personnel including, rescuers, ambulance specialists, hazardous material technicians, trauma doctors and others.

Fire and Rescue NSW urban search and rescue expertise is internationally recognised for structural collapse capability, and is registered with the United Nations to respond to requests for international assistance.

Urban Search and Rescue teams consist of highly trained emergency services workers (fire, police, ambulance/paramedics) doctors, engineers, and search dogs who, are specially trained to respond to USAR emergencies. Together they use specialised equipment, communications and guidelines to help locate, provide medical assistance and remove trapped victims.

The Australian and New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference will feature presentations on Urban Search and Rescue.

There will be presentations on strategic partnering with other SAR and emergency services. USAR teams are trained to operate on a continuous basis for the first 36 hours. Research shows that after this timeframe the survival rate falls considerably.

call for abstracts

USAR professionals from police, fire, ambulance and State Emergency Services (SES) invited to submit abstracts to speak at the Conference.


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