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Tasmanian bushwalking tourism boom no strain on resources, police say

by Sallese Gibson
Posted 3 Jan 2016, 12:57pm

Tasmanian Bushwalking Tourism Boom increasing SAR Services
Photo: A rescue helicopter picks up a stranded bushwalker in snow on the Overland Track. (Supplied: Rotorlift)

Search-and-rescue operations are not straining police resources in Tasmania, the force has said, and officials are confident they can deal with more, even as bushwalking tourism expands in the state.

Since last July, there have been 62 search-and-rescue operations in Tasmania.

In 2014-15, 240 search-and-rescue operations were carried out – an average of more than four a week.

That is down on the 281 operations in 2013-14, but higher than the 210 operations in 2012-13.

Sergeant Paul Steane said police were responding to fewer serious incidents.

“Most of them are minor injuries or fairly minor mishaps, but just through the nature of where they are, we get involved,” he said.

“We tend to go earlier rather than later, because it’s far better to nip the problem in the bud than wait until it potentially gets to be a large problem.

“There’s wider phone coverage, more people are carrying beacons, we are able to go straight to the job, sort it out and come home again…”

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