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SAR Dogs: Rockhampton dog track and search champ

SAR dogs: With targeted training dogs can learn to exclude all the myriad of scents in their environment and focus on just one. They literally do smell dead people through scent training with cadaver scent. Drift, a Weimaraner is a Track and Search Dog with Search Dogs Australia trained to find lost and or dead

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Meet the SAR Conference Speakers: Julie Cowan, Founder of Search and Rescue Dogs Australia Inc.

Julie Cowan, Founder of Search and Rescue Dogs Australia Inc (SRDA) will be presenting a Keynote Address at the Australian & New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference (SAR) on the 6 May 2015 at Jupiters Gold Coast. The conference brings together leading search and rescue practitioners to discuss challenges of preparing, deploying and operating search and rescue. The aim of the

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