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Top 5 Benefits of Becoming a Volunteer

We all know lending a helping hand can make us feel pretty good inside – but did you know volunteering offers you a wealth of mental and physical advantages? Celebrate National Volunteering week by discovering the benefits of becoming a volunteer. #1: Volunteering will improve your mental health In joining together with a team for

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Why inability to cope with uncertainty may cause mental health problems

Not knowing is an uncomfortable experience. As human beings, we are naturally curious. We seek to understand, predict and control – it helps us learn and it keeps us safe. Uncertainty can feel dangerous because we cannot predict with complete confidence what will happen. As a result, both our hearts and minds may race. While

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Workers too scared to take mental health leave

Mental health leave is becoming increasingly common yet more than half of workers are too scared to take it. Two thirds of jobseekers surveyed by SEEK feel society has become more accepting of workers taking a mental health day to deal with conditions such as depression, burn out or anxiety. Still, 55 per cent have

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Working together to reduce the risk to boaters suffering dementia

The 4th annual Australian and New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference will be held on Wednesday 23rd May 2018 at the Star Gold Coast.  Mr Adrian Sinclair, Detective Sergeant with Victoria Police joins us at the Conference to present ‘Working together to reduce the risk to boaters suffering dementia’. Dementia factors relating to missing persons

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The Layman’s Lived Experience of Mental Illness: Damaged Goods or Better Than Ever?

The stigma of mental illness remains unacceptably alive and well at the organisational and individual level. One person and one conversation at a time we can change the perception to understand that mental illness doesn’t discriminate based on sex, race, religion, education or income. Indeed understanding mental health is as important as knowing your company’s

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