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New resilience strategy highlights the disasters that could bring Sydney to a shuddering halt

Australia’s largest metropolis has simply been “lucky” to avoid a city stopping disaster, a group of resilience experts have said. But Sydney’s luck could be about to run out, and if the city isn’t felled by extreme heatwaves and terror attacks, more insidious creeping catastrophes such as housing affordability and chronic illness could do it

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Floods don’t occur randomly, so why do we still plan as if they do?

Most major floods in South East Queensland arrive in five-year bursts, once every 40 years or so, according to our new research. Yet flood estimation, protection and management approaches are still designed on the basis that flood risk stays the same all the time – despite clear evidence that it doesn’t. We analysed historical flooding data from ten

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Queensland Builds Resilience to Extreme Weather Events with Largest-Ever Flood Study

The Queensland Government has released what it calls the “most detailed and comprehensive flood study ever undertaken in Australia” in an effort to help the state prepare for future extreme weather events. The Brisbane River Catchment Flood Study will guide local councils towards the crucial first step of developing strategies and flood resilience options, said

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Longer, hotter summers predicted in extreme weather report by Climate Council

Imagine a city where 265 days a year, the temperature rises above 35C. The residents of Darwin in 2090 will not have to imagine it, because for them, it may well be their reality. As Australians endure the summer of the seemingly never-ending heatwave, a new report from the Climate Council essentially has one message.

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Natural disasters are affecting Australia’s most disadvantaged

Bushfires have been the most common natural disaster in New South Wales over the past decade, according to a study published in Nature’s Scientific Reports. The study, the first of its kind, looked at disaster declarations in local government areas (LGAs). Identified were 207 disasters that affected the state between 2004 and 2014. Bushfires were

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