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mr will glennWe are pleased to announce Session Speaker Mr Will Glenn, Commander, Metropolitan Fire Brigade who will speak at the 2016 Australian and New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference (ANZSAR); Land, Sea & Air.

Mr Will Glenn will speak in the Technology and Operations stream on: ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: embedding a new technology into emergency operations’.

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) has invested in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology to provide real-time intelligence to enhance situational awareness in a wide range of scenarios. This presentation will detail MFB’s journey to develop sector leading UAV expertise and will highlight the potential for next generation UAVs to deliver improved outcomes in search and rescue scenarios

In 2010 MFB purchased two compact UAVs to trial during operational assignments. CQ1 is equipped with a high definition camera. CQ2 is equipped with a combination standard definition/ thermal imaging camera. This was the beginning of a journey for a dedicated group of MFB operational staff to integrate UAV into emergency operations.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) did not have regulations relevant to UAVs and the operational requirements of emergency services. MFB and CASA have worked closely to develop regulations enabling rapid deployment of UAVs for emergency use.

CASA had no UAV pilot specific license. MFB took a leading role working with CASA to develop the Remote Pilot’s Certificate. MFB now has two CASA approved trainers and is the only emergency service in Australia with the capability to deliver in-house training qualifying personnel as UAV pilots to fly in emergency situations.

MFB now maintains a fully interoperable state-wide UAV resource that has been deployed to assist in a wide range of incidents around Victoria. Incidents where the UAVs are deployed can be resolved more quickly and delivery improved safety for emergency workers and the community. This is achieving through the UAV’s ability to quickly gather intelligence to guide strategic and tactical decision making. The UAVs can access areas where it may be dangerous to send in emergency workers or in areas where manned aerial assets cannot reach.

The progress achieved by MFB is likely to influence other emergency services’ decisions about whether to add UAV capability to their arsenal.

As UAVs develop into a maturing technology, they demonstrate their increasing potential to deliver improved outcomes in search and rescue scenarios

The 2016 Australian and New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference (ANZSAR); Land, Sea & Air will be held at the Jupiters Hotel, Gold Coast on the 1 June 2016. To register for the conference CLICK HERE.

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