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Doctors_edit_370x282_cropWe are pleased to announce Dr Emmeline Finn, Clinical Director, Training and Education, CareFlight Group who will speak at the 2016 Australian and New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference (ANZSAR); Land, Sea & Air – 1 June 2016.

Dr Finn will speak in the Training stream on ‘Training in an aeromedical environment – CareFlight Retrieval Medicine’.

CareFlight Retrieval Medicine (CRM) is a not-for-profit charitable company within the wider CareFlight Group, and has been specifically developed to provide aero-medically trained doctors and nurses for all CareFlight jets and helicopters and for other aero-medical service providers across Queensland.

CRM holds a major contract supplying doctors to Queensland Health for emergency retrievals and hospital transfers, as well as consultants to the Queensland Coordination Centre (QCC), which coordinates all emergency rescues across the State.

Every six months, approximately 25 doctors are recruited by CRM and trained in the clinical skills required to practice aeromedical retrieval – as well as Search and Rescue skills, which include winch training over land and water.

A doctor’s winch training occurs over a period of two days at ground school and one day practical application in the helicopter. The currency is inclusive of single, double and stretcher winching.  Doctor’s employed permanently maintain an annual currency.

CareFlight Retrieval Medicine is renowned for its specialist training and maintenance of the skills required to safely winch.

There are 3 service providers for EMS helicopters in Queensland – all of whom are supplied medical crew by CRM – of which all have winch capabilities and each having individual company SOPs with specific training requirements.  Winch currency and operations are incorporated into the winch registry within our electronic data information system – Air Maestro.

This presentation will discuss the training requirements, currency and winch registry held by doctors who are employed by CareFlight Retrieval Medicine.

Dr Emmeline Finn is the Director of Clinical Operations, CareFlight Retrieval Medicine based in Brisbane, Queensland. She is an expert in the Pre-hospital and Retrieval Medicine Industry having been operational for almost a decade. When not in the air she is on the ground practicing Emergency Medicine as a Specialist in the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

Dr Finn holds postgraduate qualifications in Aeromedical Retrieval and Disaster Management. She is the Deputy Chair for the Pre-hospital and Retrieval Medicine Committee, Australasian College for Emergency Medicine.  She has a passion for the education, recruitment and training of doctors, nurses and paramedics working in the Pre-hospital and Retrieval Medicine Industry inclusive of Search and Rescue.

The 2016 Australian and New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference (ANZSAR); Land, Sea & Air will be held at the Jupiters Hotel, Gold Coast on the 1 June 2016.

To register for the conference CLICK HERE. Early bird registrations close on Monday 18th April so be quick to receive a discounted rate.


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