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Mr Chris Butler
Training the Contemporary Marine Rescue Volunteer

Mr Steve Campbell
Youth Search and Rescue Early Adopters of Innovative Technology

Mr Phillip Downes
PolSAR a Police Search and Rescue GIS Tool

Mr Matthew Farrelly
Virtual Reality Training for NSW Mines Rescue Brigadesmen

Mr Greg Gill
Hoist Recovery Methods Utilised by QGAIR EMS/SAR

Mr Kevin Humphreys
The Layman’s Lived Experience of Mental Illness. Damaged Goods or Better Than Ever?

Mr John Moy
There’s a Dinosaur in the Room! Retaining Emergency Service Volunteers Through a Training Approach

Mr Simon Olsen
World’s First Optical Radar to Solve the Challenge of Maritime SAR

Dr Mark Rice
Micro Drones for Location Determination in Search and Rescue

Mr Ventura Rigol
Evolution of Radio Direction Finding and Location Technologies

Mr Scott Young
Twin Tension Rope Systems for Vertical Rescue – The Way of the Future

Mr Jim Whitehead
The Behaviour of Lost People; How Psychology of a Person Can Help or Hinder The Searcher

Continued Discussion - 'Can I be an Expert and Still Use a Checklist?' An Exploration of SAR Commander's Decision-Making

Assistant Commissioner Rob McNeil, Assistant Commissioner Regional Operations, Fire & Rescue NSW
Dr Benjamin Brooks, Senior Research Fellow, Australian Maritime College University of Tasmania

Panel Discussion

Preparing Personnel for Safe and Effective Operation in Harsh and Volatile Environments
A/Prof Rod Pope, Co-Lead, Tactical Research Unit, Bond University
A/Prof Rob Orr, Co-Lead, Tactical Research Unit, Bond University
Dr Matt Brearley, Thermal Physiologist, National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre
Dr Scott Gayton, Psychologist (MAJ), Australian Army
Mr Richard Gorey, Inspector, Manager Operations Business Brisbane and Manager Regional Wellness Brisbane Region, Queensland Fire and Emergency Service
Mr Shane Irving, Senior Sergeant, Officer In Charge, Specialist Response Group Extended Capabilities Team, Australian Federal Police.