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Surfers couldn’t believe their eyes, as reported by Alex Lazcano for Daily Mail Australia on 7 September 2014.Saving Wallaby 1

Two surfers, Scott Dennis and Jason Finlay were in the water surfing at Brawley Point on the south coast of New South Wales when they spotted what looked like an animal in the water.

The surfers thought it might have been a seal or a small sea lion but another surfer had gotten a closer look and informed them it was actually a wallaby that had been caught in a rip.

The surfers made their way to rescue the exhausted wallaby wrapping it in a jet ski jacket.

The rescue was captured on camera by surf photographer Simon Punch whoSaving Wallaby 2
happened to be on the beach at the same time.

Read the full story and see all images.

Channel 7’s Sunrise program also reported on the unusual rescue.


What is the most unusual rescue you have been involved with?

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