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The 4th annual Australian and New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference will be held on Wednesday 23rd May 2018 at the Star Gold Coast. 

Mr Kevin Banaghan, Training Manager – RCCNZ, Maritime New Zealand – RCCNZ joins us at the Conference to present ‘RCCNZ – work in the Pacific’.


Mr Kevin Banaghan

RCCNZ seeks to reduce the need for SAR services in the Pacific through the delivery of safe boating campaigns which includes the improvement of local SAR Coordination and the promotion and use of life saving equipment. RCCNZ has also been working with PICTs to improve SAR response by using a cooperative approach with harmonised procedures for the effective conduct of SAR. RCCNZ commitment is a long term program of providing expert staff; to conduct in country needs analysis followed by specific SAR coordination training throughout the New Zealand Search and Rescue Region, and beyond.


Kevin Banaghan is currently employed as the Training Manager at the RCCNZ. Roles included the ongoing training and professional development of the operational staff at the RCCNZ and for the improvement of SAR Coordination and SAR Response of Pacific Islands Countries across the region. Prior to taking the role as Training Manager, Kevin was employed as a Senior Search and Rescue Officer at the RCC where he was responsible for the coordination of SAR responses to incidents. Kevin has been with the RCC for 9 years. Prior to joining RCCNZ Kevin served for 20 years with the Australian Regular Army.

For information on the upcoming 2018 Australian and New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference please visit the conference website.





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