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The 4th annual Australian and New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference will be held on Wednesday 23rd May 2018 at the Star Gold Coast. 

Mr Fraser Cann, Director at Owl Optics joins us at the Conference to present ‘New Search and Rescue Technology – Detection and Location of Cell Phones’.


These days nearly everyone carries a cell phone and since coverage has vastly improved and we have become ‘connected’; cell phones are active more often in areas where we work and play – even in more remote areas satellite phones are becoming more common. It’s this behaviour that allows these devices to become beacons in times of need.
Lifeseeker is a cellphone (and soon other devices) detection and location system:
• Locates missing people using their mobile phones as beacons
• With no collaboration of the missing person
• With no collaboration of the service providers
• Doesn’t interfere with the network or other users
• Works in network coverage areas or without network coverage
• Acts as a communication relay with Voice and Text Messaging

Lifeseeker uses signal based technology which means we aren’t reliant on visual aspect; so we are able to:
• Operate in Adverse Weather Conditions day or night, without sight of the ground
• Detect through cover such as forests
• Detect through Snow for Avalanche victims
• Detect through Rubble for building collapses
• Detection Radius of Several Kilometres

Lifeseeker can also be used in disaster areas where the network has failed to communicate and locate victims or to purely establish where people are located
Lifeseeker is a fully operational system that has been designed by Centum; a European company that specialises in signals. Lifeseeker uses the technology that the military uses for signal intelligence but its totally designed for the Search and Rescue operations and provides the user and easy to understand graphical interface
Lifeseeker is designed to be operated from a helicopter, fixed wing or UAV – it can also be operated from the ground.


Fraser is a director of Owl Optics, which is a New Zealand based company principally involved in Optical Equipment and Specialist Security equipment for the last 8 years. Fraser is involved in training clients with specialised equipment and provided consulting on developing technology. Fraser supports NZ Coast Guard and LandSAR operations with discounted products and has a personal interest in using technology to support SAR operations

For information on the upcoming 2018 Australian and New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference please visit the conference website.



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