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Martin Boyle, CEM – Field Support & Emergency Coordinator, Australian Antarctic Division will be presenting a Keynote Address at the Australian & New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference (SAR) on the 6 May 2015 at Jupiters Gold Coast.

The conference brings together leading search and rescue practitioners to discuss challenges of preparing, deploying and operating search and rescue. The aim of the conference is to facilitate sharing, knowledge and experience between the different search and rescue agencies, enterprises, communities and professionals. Presentations will cover air, sea, land-based, urban, wilderness, domestic and overseas search and rescue.

Martin BoyleMartin Boyle coordinates field support and emergency management across the Australian Antarctic Territory and sub-Antarctic islands. He has been south on many occasions in various leadership and management positions and been involved in a range of challenging search and rescue operations.

Martin has twenty years of experience across the emergency management industry in both private and public sector as a consultant, emergency services manager, operations coordinator, and international delegate. He has also previously worked for the Tasmania State Emergency Service, and Australian Customs and Border Protection.

He was awarded a Certificate of High Commendation for Search & Rescue operations in 2002 from the Commissioner of Tasmania Police.

Martin is an internationally recognised Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) ®, Certified Practicing Project Manager (CPPM) and holds a Masters in Emergency Management.

He is the Chair of the International Association of Emergency Managers, Oceania Asia CEM Application Review Commission and a member of the Global CEM Executive Board.

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