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Brian Guthrie, C3 Operations Manager, CareFlight will be presenting a Keynote Address at the Australian & New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference (SAR) on the 6 May 2015 at Jupiters Gold Coast.

The conference brings together leading search and rescue practitioners to discuss challenges of preparing, deploying and operating search and rescue. The aim of the conference is to facilitate sharing, knowledge and experience between the different search and rescue agencies, enterprises, communities and professionals. Presentations will cover air, sea, land-based, urban, wilderness, domestic and overseas search and rescue.

Brian Guthrie – C3 Operations Manager, CareFlight

Brian ‘Gus’ Guthrie has been operating in the aviation industry for the last 20 years, both in a military and civilian capacity. In June this year, Brian was appointed Operations Manager for the CareFlight Coordination Centre (C3) based on the Gold Coast. He is responsible for the coordination, deployment and fleet management of all search, rescue and retrieval assets for CareFlight’s rotary and fixed wing divisions.

CareFlight is one of Australia’s largest aero-medical not-for-profit organisations providing rapid response medical care to thousands of people each year, both domestically and internationally. C3 also provides Telephone Medical Advice Services (TMAS) on behalf of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) and is the point of contact for all Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) class ships and any vessel within the Australian Search and Rescue Region which requires medical advice.

Brian started at CareFlight in 2009 as a flight and HUET instructor. He was promoted to Chief Aircrewman in February 2011, before moving into his current role in C3. During his time on the frontline as an Aircrewman, Brian was heavily involved in aero-medical evacuations, and search and rescue operations throughout Australia. In January 2013, Brian was pivotal in CareFlight’s fleet response to the Bundaberg flood crisis, winching five people to safety from rooftops and front steps. Prior to working with CareFlight he was a member of the Australian Army for 13 years, operating in and out of Australia with various aviation squadrons, including overseas peacekeeping missions.

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