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The 2017 Search and Rescue Conference will be held next month on the 24 May at The Star Hotel Gold Coast, (previously Jupiter’s) Queensland.  The conference again follows the Australian and New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference, running consecutively at the same venue.

Benjamin Brooks, Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania joins us next month to discuss ‘Using Experience to Identify Capabilities of International Urban Search and Rescue Commanders’.

Benjamin Brooks

Our presentation will initially provide some background to the associated research and important concepts in decision-making literature. The majority of the presentation will involve stepping people through the context of the SAR deployment and the 10 major decisions made by the commander during that time.  Finally, we will conclude with the implications for training, exercising and continuing professional development into the future. We link this with a perspective on the lessons learnt approach to continual improvement.

Dr Benjamin Brooks is a maritime and emergency management human factors researcher in the National Centre for Ports and Shipping at the Australian Maritime College. Ben has 20 years of experience as a researcher and safety consultant. He currently works on research in areas such as innovation in high risk environments, organisational culture, decision-making, and the measurement of human performance He works with a range of stakeholders including regulators, private companies, pilotage organisations, port authorities, and emergency management agencies

For more information on the 2017 Search and Rescue Conference and to secure your spot, visit www.sar.anzdmc.com.au.

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