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dr alexander coxThe Search and Rescue industry is huge. It encompasses everything from ground to sea to air and everything in between. A huge amount of resources and technology has been put into finding those lost and alone but one thing that many people forget is that what do you actually need to do when you find them?

We are pleased to announce forum speaker Dr Alexander Cox, Directory of Australian and New Zealand Emergency Departments (ASEM) Council Member for WA at the 2016 Australian and New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference (ANZSAR) to be held at Jupiters Hotel, Gold Coast on 1 June 2016.

Alex is a newly graduated Doctor in Perth, WA. Formerly from Toowoomba, Queensland, Alex has prior degrees from the University of Southern Qld (Bachelor of Science, majoring in human biology) and (Qld University of Technology) in Paramedics.

Many survivors and people found by search and rescue efforts often die from other causes even after they are found. Because of this, search and rescue operators need to understand a basic set of skills and things to watch out for when they find survivors because by the time they are found, they are usually in need of urgent medical attention.

Dr Alexander Cox will look at common medical conditions that survivors and hence rescuers will often face including cardiac arrest, envenomations, broken bones and much more.

Dr Cox has been heavily involved in student advocacy and is always keen to be involved. His interests vary widely, including Emergency Medicine but also disaster management and retrieval medicine.

Dr Alexander Cox is currently the editor of the ASEM newsletter and a voice for junior Doctors on the Council.
The 2016 ANZSAR Program will be designed to challenge, demonstrate and encourage discussion on all areas of Search and Rescue.

The program aims to cover a range of topics varying from Water to Land SAR to Air and Mining Rescue. This unique Conference allows the chance for all organisations and SAR workers to come together to continue understanding from others experiences and encounters.

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