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The 2017 Search and Rescue Conference will be held at The Star Hotel Gold Coast next week on the 24th May. The conference follows the Australian and New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference, running consecutively at the same venue.

Mr Ventura Rigol, System Engineer, VP at RHOTHETA joins us to discuss ‘Evolution of radio direction finding and location technologies.’

While radio direction finders (RDFs) were traditionally dedicated to provide a line of bearing (LOB), calculated from a V-UHF transmission, the presenter explores whether the advent of GNSS, AIS, and other technologies have meant a dismissal of RDFs as essential SAR assets.

Sixteen plus years working closely with SAR organizations like US CAP and law enforcement – and the SAR industry, help the presenter make the case for a rather progressive evolution of DF-ing that achieves an effective integration of DF and location technologies.

This evolution is characterized by an increase in the use of software defined wideband radio receivers, feature-rich embedded processing, multifunctional HMIs, tablets, manpack-/drone-portability, and other advancements that make current DF/Loc products quite different from their legacy hardware-intensive predecessors.

Required less for navigation, modern DF/Loc solutions find their place in the roster of essential SAR assets as requirements for determining the location of emitters are only increasing.

For more information on the 2017 Search and Rescue Conference and to secure your spot next week, visit www.sar.anzdmc.com.au.

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