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The 4th annual Australian and New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference will be held in a few weeks on Wednesday 23rd May 2018 at The Star Gold Coast. 

Ms Linda Berryman

Ms Linda Berryman, Advisor Safety and Distress Alerting Systems with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority joins us at the Conference to present ‘Distress beacons: Their role in search and rescue’.


Australians enjoy an active lifestyle across our vast country, often in remote areas, and therefore understand the additional safety that having a distress beacon provides. In the maritime and aviation industries this is also reinforced by legislative requirements.

It comes as no surprise then that we have the largest distress beacon population per capita in the world with over 540,000 registered beacons. AMSA receives around 1500 distress beacon alerts annually, leading to the rescue of hundreds of people every year.

Australia’s reliance on distress beacons is shaping both how we coordinate our search and rescue efforts and the focus of our education campaigns into the future.

This presentation looks at how these trends are shaping search and rescue and what responders need to know about the different types of distress alerting devices being used in the field.


Linda Berryman has specialized in distress alerting devices for 18 years in Australia. Linda has been the Advisor Response Systems since 2005. Her responsibilities include management of the Australian 406 MHz Distress Beacon and Maritime Mobile Service Identity registration systems which includes: providing technical advice on alerting devices and operational implementation aspects related to the search and rescue system; developing Australian standards for beacons and Maritime survivor locating systems; and engagement with industry and stakeholders.

Prior to joining AMSA, Linda worked for Pains Wessex Australia for several years with responsibilities to provide technical advice to the public and industry on distress alerting devices and conducting training and presentations to land, maritime and aviation based users. Linda holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Business Information Systems, Management and Human Resource Management).

For information on the upcoming 2018 Australian and New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference please visit the conference website.



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