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5 Innovations Changing the Face of Search and Rescue

  Whether it’s saving lives via air, land or sea, the world of search and rescue has been significantly impacted with the increase and advancement of technology. Innovations are consistently improving the way we plan, conduct and report on operations, with a far higher degree of accuracy than ever before. Check out our top five

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‘PolSAR’ a Police Search and Rescue Tool

For decades Police Rescue search coordinators being the head of profession for Search and Rescue (SAR) have used paper topographical maps for the search coordination of missing persons.   The need to rapidly find a location, utilise missing persons behaviour data, upload & download GPS data with the ability to draw on a computer based

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New Tech Fitted to Emergency Services Vehicles To Help Save Lives

The ACT Rural Fire Service and State Emergency Service have been armed with a life-saving tool for frontline workers, with the installation of automatic external defibrillators.  Minister for Emergency Services Mick Gentleman said the defibrillators had been fitted in ambulances and fire and rescue vehicles – and were being rolled out to rural fire and emergency service vehicles, with 91 new

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Victoria Police’s New GPS Car Tracking Trial Raises Concerns For Privacy, Expert Says

Victoria Police is hoping a trial that will allow officers to directly track cars via GPS will reduce vehicle thefts across the state, but an expert is warning the system could have significant implications for privacy if it becomes mandatory. The trial, which starts in September, will see 1,000 cars fitted with GPS tracking devices

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In the Future Your Ambulance Could Be Driverless

The revolution in driverless vehicles will make many jobs obsolete. In the US alone, it is estimated that driverless vehicles will wipe out 4.1m jobs. Truck drivers, delivery drivers, taxi drivers and Uber drivers will be out of work, and sooner than you might think. But automation can be a force for good, doing jobs more cheaply,

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Yea farmer building drones

Yea farmer Wayne Lording sits on his verandah, sips a cuppa and sends his drone to check the horses and cows. A qualified helicopter pilot, Mr Lording is also building Australia’s first agriculture-specific drone. ‘‘Farmers have got to look at better and more cost-effective ways to manage their properties and drones are the best way

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Improve national security through technology

Australia’s Department of Immigration merged with the Australian Customs Service last year to create an integrated border protection agency. Randall Brugeaud, CIO for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, took the CIO role in the merged entity. The complex task of integrating the two agencies and rationalising systems is still underway. “Our ambition is to become

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