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5 Facts About Search & Rescue Dogs You Didn’t Know

Check out our top five facts about search & rescue dogs. As crucial team members, we can’t help but be impressed at their abilities. Several Environmental Factors Can Impact the Success of an Air-Scent Dog’s Search Dogs in general have the ability to detect scent from an impressive distance, search and rescue dogs are specially

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Does your furry friend have what it takes to be a rescue dog?

The West Australian Does your dog have what is takes to step and help out when disaster strikes? The Department of Fire and Rescue is recruiting dogs and handlers for its urban search and rescue canine unit. Successful animals will be trained to find survivors trapped in collapsed buildings after disasters like earthquakes and cyclones.

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Vic puppy laws could limit search dogs

Dog breeders say Victoria won’t have enough search-and-rescue and drug-sniffing dogs if proposed laws aren’t changed. They also believe prices for household pets will skyrocket thanks to onerous new council restrictions aimed at stopping illegal puppy farmers. Search and Rescue Dogs Australia’s Julie Cowan says limits on puppy numbers and a costly enforcement regime would

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