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Flood Review Calls for Community Awareness Campaign

Warnings could have been more effective in the two communities where people died, a major report into the 2016 Tasmanian floods has found. An independent Review into the Tasmanian Floods of June and July 2016 found there were gaps in flood studies and flood plans, both in comprehensiveness and currency. Three people died in the

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Queensland Builds Resilience to Extreme Weather Events with Largest-Ever Flood Study

The Queensland Government has released what it calls the “most detailed and comprehensive flood study ever undertaken in Australia” in an effort to help the state prepare for future extreme weather events. The Brisbane River Catchment Flood Study will guide local councils towards the crucial first step of developing strategies and flood resilience options, said

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Longer, hotter summers predicted in extreme weather report by Climate Council

Imagine a city where 265 days a year, the temperature rises above 35C. The residents of Darwin in 2090 will not have to imagine it, because for them, it may well be their reality. As Australians endure the summer of the seemingly never-ending heatwave, a new report from the Climate Council essentially has one message.

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Staying healthy in the heat

Queensland Health Prolonged hot weather can affect anybody. It may make existing medical conditions worse and can cause heat-related illness. In some cases heat effects may be fatal. It may also affect community infrastructure such as power supply and other support services. So it is important to know how to stay healthy in hot weather.

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