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building rescueCockroaches are small and can get into all the nooks and crannies. They manoeuvre well through small spaces and actually compress their bodies to fit through small cracks. According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald this week cockroaches make good models for robots of the future designed to find survivors in collapsed buildings.

According to the report, Scientists at the University of California have been studying animal locomotion in order to invent robots that can manoeuvre in tough environments.

Scientists are working on building a small search-and-rescue robot, inspired by the ability of cockroaches to squeeze through tiny crevices, designed to navigate through rubble to find survivors after natural disasters or bombings.

Integrative Biology Professor Robert Full from the University of California, Berkeley says “Nature has a library of design ideas. This diversity enables discovery. You never know where basic research will lead. The most important discoveries are often from the most unexpected creatures”. For example, sidewinder rattlesnakes inspired a serpentine robot.

So how will advancements in technology change the way SAR operations are conducted?

The 2016 Australian and New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference (ANZSAR) will explore the growth of technology within the Search and Rescue Sector and identify new opportunities for communication, protection and faster survival rates.

Presentations will include future as well as existing technologies. Topics include case studies using existing technology such as google earth, remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) and equipment and machinery. This forum will also discuss the applications of technology and new systems and data (ICS, IMS, GIC, Navigation, Weather Forecasting and Search Planning).

The 2016 Australian and New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference (ANZSAR) will be held at Jupiters, Gold Coast on the 1 June 2016. To register for the Conference CLICK HERE. If you would like to apply to speak at the Conference CLICK HERE to submit an abstract.

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